First Gambian Bishop

Posted on 04. Oct, 2018, in Achievement, Christian Values, Community1 Comment

Bishop Gabriel Mendy, the first ever Gambian bishop, was appointed to his post as Bishop of Banjul one year ago. All the Bishops before him were Irish Spiritans, and Bishop Mendy, a Spiritan himself, feels strong connections with Ireland. However this week was the first time he ever managed to make a trip here.

Miriam Gormally met up with Bishop Mendy, who was attending a Spiritan conference in Dublin, to find out more about the appointment and his experience of Ireland.

She began by asking him how he felt hearing the announcement from Pope Francis while he was on sabbatical in New York. 

One response to “First Gambian Bishop”

  1. Joseph Poole says:

    Knew Gabriel Mendy when he was an ‘apprentice’ missionary in Sierra Leone when I was there from ’89-’91. Wishing him courage, my prayer, and every good wish in this new chapter in his life.