Generous Love in Multi–Faith Ireland

Posted on 15. Mar, 2018, in Christian Values, Church of Ireland, Church Teachings, Community, Faith and JusticeComments Off on Generous Love in Multi–Faith Ireland

Generous Love in Multi–Faith Ireland: is the title of a recent book by Suzanne Cousins. The book aims to identify hindrances to Christian–Muslim engagement in Church of Ireland parishes and dioceses, with a view to bridging divides.

The central themes are the theologies of the kindness of God – friendship, and hospitality.

The book questions the oneness and plurality of God and discusses whether the referents ‘God’ and ‘Allah’ are to the same God though differently understood. The book explores commonalities and offers pastoral advice for clergy assisting their parishioners in everyday Christian–Muslim relationships. Miriam Gormally spoke with Suzanne to find out more about what inspired her to write this book.

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