Giving in Lent

Posted on 14. Mar, 2019, in Christian Values, Community, Humanitarian Aid1 Comment

This year’s TrĂ³caire box looks at land rights and their importance to people all over the world. Drawing on three stories from people around the world who struggle to hold onto their land, it tells the harrowing tale of the injustice of displacement. Indigenous people and women are particular vulnerable to loss of land rights, the latter often losing out to big corporations and the former to societies that view women as unable to hold land.

Miriam Gormally spoke with Eoghan Rice from TrĂ³caire to find out more about the issue of land and how the work they do in terms of helping people secure ownership to their land is so vital in terms of allowing a community to lift itself up and be strong.

One response to “Giving in Lent”

  1. Micheal Feeney says:

    Dear Folk,
    Here in Mato Grosso do Sul the farmers are putting pressure on the Terena,Guarani Kaiowa peoples to get off their own land that was given to the farmers years ago by the state government.They were given illegal titles by the state government to the lands that belong to the Union.These peoples are at the mercy of the farmers who have strong lobbies in the new Brazilian government.Now more than ever the indigenous population of Brazil have a fierce struggle to survive and have their rights recognized.Slainte.