Savita Halappanavar

Posted on 22. Nov, 2012, in Death1 Comment

Savita Halappanavar and her child died tragically in University Hospital Galway. People in Ireland and abroad were shocked and bereaved by what happened. Many wonder how something like that could happen in a country with one of the lowest maternal death rates. Emotions are high and people are looking for answers. Breda O’Brien, correspondent with the Irish Times, wrote for the need for caution and reflection. She explained to Miriam Gormally that while having had a miscarriage herself earlier this year, she was particularly sensitive to the tragedy, there was still a need to wait for the report without jumping to conclusions.

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  1. loughlp says:

    It is so good to hear views on the abortion issue discussed in an atmosphere of calm. This has not been the case elsewhere in the media. Those of us who were around for the 1983 Pro-Life Referendum and subsequent referenda as well as the X case and others will appreciate calm.