How we Killed God

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In his debut book, Sunday Times columnist David Quinn looks back at nearly 25 years of enormous social change in Ireland. He explores many of the big social changes that have been taking place during this time, including debates over marriage and abortion. He looks at how the Church also played a role in driving people away and analyses the clerical sex abuse scandals, the controversies over the Magdalene laundries, the Tuam mother and baby home and the closing of the Irish embassy to the Holy See. However he says that the teaching of Christ should be what we focus on when we think of the Church – not the scandals or the disciplinarian Church of the past.

Quinn’s argument is that the last quarter century has amounted to an effort on the part of many people in Irish society, to push God to the margins of public and private life, to effectively try and ‘kill’ him. He talks about how this could have worrying implications for the future. How We Killed God… and other tales of Modern Ireland is a very different take on the last two decades of Irish life, one that challenges the secular ideas on those years. He explained more to Miriam Gormally.

The book can be purchased through Curragh Press, or from Amazon.

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