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Climate change is rapidly becoming the most threatening issue of our time and vulnerable communities are already being affected. Radical change is needed and it is a matter of faith and social justice, so says the Church of Ireland Bishops’ Appeal who work closely with people all over the world who are already suffering from deterioration in their environments.

Joining forces with Eco-Congregation Ireland and the Representative Church Body, Bishops’ Appeal are promoting the Lenten Initiative #Jars4Journeys

The Idea is to invite people to save an old jam jar and to put money in it every time they travel using a vehicle powered by fossil fuels to offset the carbon footprint of that journey. The money raised will go towards three conservation projects around the world that support and help build resilience in communities that are most affected by climate change.  Bishops’ Appeal and the RCB are match-funding the first €1000/£1000 raised. Miriam Gormally met with Lydia Monds who is the education advisor for the Bishops’ Appeal and is responsible for ensuring best practise in funding sustainable and ethical development initiatives.

All the information on the projects can be found by googling jars4journeys or on the Bishops’ Appeal website.

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