Making families work?

Posted on 12. Jan, 2017, in Community, Family1 Comment

In an Amarach poll commissioned by the Iona Institute, it showed that given the choice only 17% of mothers with children under the age of 17 would work full-time, 35% of mothers would prefer to stay-at-home full time and 48% would work part-time.

The figures for men were similar for part-time work, 45%, but almost flipped for the other options with 37% saying they would opt for full-time work and 18% saying they would chose to be full time at home.

Looking at the clear preference in both genders for part-time work, Brendan Conroy who has written and spoken about this issue, asked why the clear wishes of people are being ignored when pursuing childcare policies that largely favour parents working full-time with support for crèche based childcare.

One response to “Making families work?”

  1. Katie Blair says:

    Thank you for this really interesting perspective on the issue.