Compassion for Animals

Posted on 13. Aug, 2020, in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Community, Environment, Nature4 Comments

In this piece from our archives our interviewer Miriam Gormally is questioned by Pat Coyle about being a vegan and a Christian. Drawing inspiration from Bible passages like Genesis 1:29  where God specifically maps out that fruit and seeds should be our food, she argues that there are also many other passages that point to a Christian God who has compassion for and cares about animals.

Miriam argues that we should show animals the level of mercy that we would hope to receive from any God we encounter.

4 responses to “Compassion for Animals”

  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    What an energetic, excellent interview! I am totally convinced by Miriam, even though all the hard questions were raised by Pat. I was especially interested in the interpretation of the Last Supper as being a vegan meal. It had not occurred to me before but seems so obvious now. I do not eat meat but know I fall down very much by eating fish. I did get some consolation on this issue but realise the truth of fish depletion. Overall, I have been further inspired to eat more grain, so as to stay alive, while allowing many others to live their lives too.

    • miriam says:

      Thanks Suzanne, I am always passionate about this topic and happy to go out to discuss it with about if you know any groups that might be interested. Good to hear that you are moving towards eating more plants – as Gandhi said, live simply so that others can simply live!

  2. Isabelle Goodheart says:

    Jesus was Vegan. The Roman government and political powers influenced by Maya(Satan) wanted to prevent people for this knowledge.

    Jesus was also known as Essene, the Essene group is not only vegan they don’t cook their food even.

    You shall not kill is the basic of Every Religion and the mssg of every person sent by the Almighty.

    Veganism was in every religion part of the precept.
    Not Harming others and not taking their lives.

    *Do not sit with wine drinkers and meat eaters.
    *Do not eat that which has Blood.
    Unfortunately they changed this text into : (do not eat meat with its blood). (The main reason also why Jehovas witness group refuse to take blood ?.

    • miriam says:

      Interesting Isabelle. Didn’t know that part about Do not eat which has Blood. Makes sense though.