Miami Showband Healing

Posted on 15. Oct, 2008, in Charity, Crime, Young peopleComments Off on Miami Showband Healing

The Miami Showband Massacre occurred on July 31st 1985.  The band were stopped at a checkpoint and asked to get out of their van. UVF members then attempted to covertly plant a bomb in the band’s van. It was set to explode later, kill the band members and frame them as bomb smugglers. However the bomb exploded early killing two UVF members. The remaining UVF members opened fire, killing three of the musicians and seriously wounding a fourth, Steven Travers. Steven survived his wounds and has now been part of reviving the Miami Showband to help raise money for Children in Crossfire, a charity started by Richard Moore, who was also shot during the troubles as a child. They spoke with Pat Coyle, who began by asking Richard Moore whether this was a particularly special relationship because of the shared tragedies. 

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