Operation Valkyrie

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Operation Valkyrie or the Plot To Kill Hitler was one of the assignation attempts on the Früher that came closest to succeeding. Led by Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, an aristocrat who was one of the leaders of this resistance movement and the conspiracy to assassinate Hitler on 20th July, 1944.

Initially he had respect for Hitler and rose to a high ranking official in the army, but later began to have doubts and concerns about what was happening. Aware that the assignation of Hitler would amount to high treason and would involve killing in cold blood, he sought out counsel from his good friend and the then Bishop of Berlin. Eventually convinced that the potential loss of his own salvation was not as important as the potential deaths that would occur under Hitler, he brought a bomb into Wolfsschanze or Hitler’s Wolf’s lair to assassinate him.

When the explosion tore through the room, Stauffenberg was convinced that no one could have survived. Although four people were killed and almost all survivors were injured, Hitler himself was shielded from the blast by the heavy, solid-oak conference table leg. 

Artist Eve Parnell tells us about this incredible adventure which could have potentially changed history forever.

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