Ordination of Women

Posted on 30. Jun, 2016, in Church Teachings, Feminism/Women in the ChurchComments Off on Ordination of Women

tony flannery 2

Redemptorist priest Fr. Tony Flannery, a founder of the Association of Catholic Priests was silenced by the Vatican over his liberal views of the Church – specifically his views on the priesthood and the ordination of women. As a result he cannot practice his ministry and can only celebrate Mass in private. While this ruling brought an initial sadness, he says it has also left him with a great liberty to say what he wishes to say and write what he wishes to write, describing this as a “nice experience” He further adds that the climate within the Church is changing and that there is a greater openness to discussion. He begins by explaining to Miriam Gormally that there is nonetheless a a real need for the Church to open itself up to equality by ordaining women and including them in the central decision making processes if they want to stay relevant in the modern world.

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