Protection for Palestinians

Posted on 21. Feb, 2012, in Faith and JusticeComments Off on Protection for Palestinians

Emmet Sheerin is a former Belvedere pupil and Magis Ireland volunteer who says that the Jesuit emphasis on ‘a faith that does justice’ has made a deep impact on him. On 9 February he headed off to the South Hebron Valley to monitor human rights abuses in Palestine.

There, he will be working as an ‘ecumenical accompanier’, trained by the Quakers, which involves monitoring and reporting any violations of human rights and international law that he might witness; supporting Israeli and Palestinian peace activists and offering protection to Palestinians through their non-violent presence.

On his return from working in Hebron, Emmet will be asked to advocate on behalf of the Palestinians, hi-lighting their situation and calling for public action. And before he left he spoke to Pat Coyle of the Jesuit Communication Centre about the work ahead of him.

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