Questioning Capitalism

Posted on 30. Oct, 2014, in Christian Values, Economy, Faith and Justice1 Comment


Does the growth model of economics serve everybody? Sr. Aine O’Connor, Mercy Global action coordinator for the Sisters of Mercy at the United Nations, believes that it needs to be questioned closely. Her job is to question the impact of industries at a local level. They bring the voice of the local people in to critique systems. Working primarily with the impact of mining companies, she explains that extractive industries often do more harm than good when they come into an economy.

One response to “Questioning Capitalism”

  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    What a prophetic stance to work on this theme of extractive industries. It doesn’t trip off the tongue and needs to be explained further but this issue, as explained by Áine O’Connor, is a vital one for the future of quality of life on our beautiful planet. As she says, the long term effects need to be kept in sight. It is obvious that Áine has done great research herself and has listened attentively to the experiences of Mercy sisters all over the world. It is reassuring that there is such a positive voice at the United Nations, though Áine’s comments on the dwindling nature of democracy are disconcerting.