Ready for School!

Posted on 17. Aug, 2017, in Book Reviews, Caring for Children, Church Teachings, SchoolsComments Off on Ready for School!

This is a piece from 2006, looking at getting ready for school. Many new parents are facing this issue again this year, with new junior infants off to school for the first time.

Whether it’s the first in the house to head off to school or someone further down the line, it’s still a day to mark new beginnings. How will they settle in, will they make friends, will they cope with a big classroom – and what about the discipline of school?  Margaret Horan and Geraldine O’Brien are both teachers, well used to ‘first-timers’ and they have written a book ‘Ready for School – a Parent’s Guide’ in which they set out practical hints for parents as they prepare for the new pupil’s ‘first day’.  Eileen Good asked Geraldine when she felt a parent should start the preparation.

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