Remembering Dr. Ian Paisley

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Former first minister of Northern Ireland, Ian Paisley, who died recently, aged 88, was a complex figure. He was one of the most uncompromising politicians throughout the Troubles and many will remember his mantra of “Never, never, never” to any Republican influence. However later in life, he committed the most spectacular change of direction, entering into a power sharing agreement with Sinn Fein.

Ian Paisley, working as First Minister alongside his previous political opponent Martin McGuiness as Deputy First Minister in a peaceful Northern Ireland was an unbelievable outcome for a region that had been torn apart for decades.

Miriam Gormally met Brendan O’Brien, RTE journalist and author, who met and interviewed Ian Paisley several times said that in private, there was far more to Paisley than his formidable public persona.

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  1. Michael McCullagh says:

    A wonderful subtle analysis of the legacy of the late Ian Paisley by Brendan O’Brien. Thanks also to Miriam Gormally for the line of questioning and especially that enriching insight from her memory of interviewing the late Alec Reid, when she said that Ian Paisley was the one who gave him an attentive ear.

    It would be great to combine those two interviews sometime with one or two others and produce it as one short programme on the evolution of the Peace process and the key players with a possible added interview with Bertie Ahern. Thanks again, Soul Waves and Miriam – a great interview

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