Remembering the Rising

Posted on 14. Jan, 2016, in Christian Values, Community, Conflict, SaintsComments Off on Remembering the Rising


Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has expressed the hope that official events to mark the centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising will not try to airbrush religion from the story.

Writing in a special commemorative issue of The Irish Catholic newspaper, which was dedicated to exploring the role of faith in the lives of the rebels as well as the reaction of the Church to the events of Easter week 1916, Dr Martin insists that “the men and women of 1916 were men and women of faith”. Greg Daly, reporter with the Irish Catholic, who worked on this issue, is currently working on putting together a book on the topic. Here he talks with Miriam Gormally about why it’s important to be true to the faith values of the men and women of the Rising. They also explored the question of whether the Rising could be seen as a so-called “just war”.

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