Renewal In The Faith – A Testimony

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Pat Reynolds is originally from Scotland. Here he talks of his faith journey and of his work with the youth of his parish.

Pat & Paula Reynolds with their children

Catholic Parishes across Ireland are going through seismic transformations due to the lack of vocations to the Priesthood. This has meant that they are being “clustered” whereby 2 or 3 parishes are put together in a new group and being served by the same priests. However this has also opened up new opportunities for new ministries within these parishes. Conor Deane went out to one such Parish in Sandyford a Southside suburb of Dublin and dropped into see Pat Reynolds the new Youth and Development Director for the parish. What’s unique here is that Pat is a married father of 4 children. His wife is expecting their 5th child in the coming days.
In this 2nd and final episode Pat discusses his faith journey and his commitment to his family and his faith within the community he now serves.


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