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Rev Ása Björk Ólafsdótirr is the Icelandic rector of Christchurch Dún Laoghaire.

In this second piece with Paul Loughlin Rev Ása talks about how Icelandic people overcome defeat and how they turn to God for strength and victory through surrender to God who is stronger than we are.

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The Revd. Ása (pron. Awsa) Bjőrk Ólafsdőttir is the Vicar of Dun Laoghaire and Diocesan Development Officer for the COI Archdiocese of Dublin and Glendalough.  She is very strong on following Christ’s teaching to look out for and after your neighbour.  She already works on a ‘food bus’ travelling around the area with meals for the homeless.  People can get on the bus and have their meal in relative comfort.  Rev Ása cooks hot meals herself and brings them around on the bus.  She is also looking for ways to open a facility locally which will provide for homeless but also for those fallen on hard times.

Rev Ása Björk has a unique sincerity to her mission as a pastor and is in conversation here with Paul Loughlin PRO Soul Waves Radio about the financial crash and how it impacted Icelandic people in particular and how they reacted in such a magnanimous manner.

Both the Church of Ireland and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland, in which the Rev Ása was ordained, are part of the Porvoo Communion, a fellowship of Anglican and Lutheran churches in northern Europe who celebrate their unity as churches and who share a common sacramental life and ministry through the Porvoo Declaration.

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