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A recent report on Patronage and Pluralism in the Primary Sector highlighted that there was a desire for change amongst parents. However Fr Michael Drumm, Chairperson of the Catholic Schools Partnership believes that some of the figures being mentioned in the media were misleading. He explained to Miriam Gormally how the report actually illustrates that most people are content with their school and that in fact patronage is not particularly a pressing issue for parents.

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  1. michael McCullagh says:

    I found this interview most informative. First, it challenged the contention that two thirds of those surveyed wished for change in patronage whereas it is generally only two to three per cent and, in a few instances, seven to eight per cent who desire change.

    Listening to the interview one comes to the conclusion, that in Ireland, since it is patrons rather than the state which administers educational services at a primary level, then the church among others must also take its responsibilities seriously.

    When challenged on the idea of inclusive education by Miriam Michael stated that Catholic schools need to be “catholic” in every sense of the word.

    It is interesting, that from a recent survey, many parents while not practicing themselves, still opt to send their children to a catholic school so that their children can receive a catholic formation which the parents no longer feel confident in passing on.

    It is an excellent summary in just a few minutes of the attitudes of parents towards school patronage.
    Thank you.

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