Sharing the Wisdom of Time

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Sharing the wisdom of time, published by Messenger Publications is a book specially commissioned by Pope Francis highlighting the wisdom of older people.   In the preface to the book, written by Pope Francis, he calls for an alliance between the young and the old to help counter our culture of waste.

The launch took place in Rome and was attended  by Pat Coyle of Irish Jesuit Communications. Guided by the conviction that in order to “walk toward the future, the past is needed”, the Holy Father invited older people from around the globe to share their experience of love, loss, hope, peace and faith.

Pope Francis hopes the book would help express his belief that the young can only be grounded in tradition through their relationships with the elderly.

Irish contributors to Sharing the Wisdom of Time include Des O’Grady SJ, Dublin, who sees some light in the darkness of living with Alzheimer’s; Margaret Irwin West, Connemara, an artist in her 90s still working and exhibiting, who speaks about the importance of light and hope; and former nurse and granny, Margaret O’Reilly from Derry, who tells of a valuable lesson she learnt as a child. All of whom were interviewed by Pat Coyle for submission into the book.

Miriam Gormally asks Pat about the book and why she thinks it would make a great Christmas present. The book can be purchased from all good book shops, Amazon or from the Messenger Publication site.

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  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    I look forward to buying this book that came alive during this interview. I can’t express well enough the appreciation I felt while listening – of both of you, Pat and Miriam,of the elders represented here and of Pope Francis for his active prayer leading to such a wonderful project. Thanks to each and all!