Stopping Child Abuse

Posted on 05. Jun, 2014, in Human Trafficking, Rehabilitation1 Comment

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The Lucy Faithfull Foundation is a registered child protection charity which works across

the UK to prevent child sexual abuse. It runs many projects, including Stop It Now! UK and

Ireland and Parents Protect!. Michael Sheath, a member of the team was in Ireland recently

speaking about Child Sexual Abuse and the internet. Did you know that people can easily

slide from looking at pornography into abuse? Do you realise how vulnerable young people

can be in the whole area of the internet? Can people be helped to change this

behaviour? These are some of the questions Michael addressed when he spoke with Marie

Stuart rsm.

One response to “Stopping Child Abuse”

  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    This is such an important interview for all to hear. Michael explains so well this sordid side of life and its contemporary manifestation on the Internet. The warnings about pictures being there for various unforeseen uses need to be proclaimed through schools and various media. thank you, Marie for bringing this issue so clearly to the fore.simple, straightforward questions gave Michael a wide space in which to express what is happening. Our virtual world is still emerging and this is an especially dangerous aspect of it. Perhaps the most important aspect of the interview is the final part with regard to hope for those addicted to pornography. Thanks for sharing.