Stories on the Margins

Posted on 16. May, 2019, in Community, Conflict, DeathComments Off on Stories on the Margins

What in the World?, an RTE series, is back for a 12th season. In this second part of our two part series, Miriam Gormally talks with Peadar King about telling the stories on the margins. In the first part, he focused on the very complex story of Israel and Palestine. In this part he looks at why it is so important to tell the stories that we don’t always get to hear, as well as give the human face to headlines.

He explores how the media can often see the world through a Western middle class prism in term of the stories they present. He gives examples of how we rarely hear anything about what’s happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo or how the terror attacks in Mogadishu, where nearly 600 people were killed, was barely covered. It is these overlooked stories that Peadar feels are necessary to highlight and bring to the awareness of Irish people.

The shows goes out around 11pm on a Tuesday night on RTE 1, but can also be followed on the RTE player. The Palestine, Israeli one is a 40 minute special and will be played on Tue, May 21st.

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