The Future of Catholic Education Part 2

Posted on 02. Nov, 2017, in Christian Values, Community, EducationNo Comments

Baroness Nuala O’Loan spoke recently at an Education Conference in Dublin, looking at the future of Catholic Education. Over two hundred stakeholders in faith schools together with educators gathered for a series of presentations from a panel of high profile speakers drawn from Ireland and Britain.

At the conference Nuala defined herself as a “contradiction” – from England, married to an Irish man, living in Northern Ireland, working in England, once a special envoy for the Irish Government and now in the House of Lords.

She points out in her talk at the conference that many outsiders have suggested that the abolition of faith-based education and integrated education similar to colleges and universities would be the way forward.  Here she speaks with Miriam Gormally about why she upholds the idea the Ireland should hang on to its faith-based education and that we shouldn’t be so quick to throw out something that is “good, wholesome and right.” Miriam begins by asking her whether there is nonetheless some truth in the idea that faith formation is something that could be done outside of schools.

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