The Immigrant’s Dilemma

Posted on 01. Aug, 2019, in Charity, Church Teachings, Community, Discrimination, Faith and Justice, PovertyComments Off on The Immigrant’s Dilemma

Every year in August, we share some of our archive pieces. This year our pieces come from 2007. Here is a piece that is still pertinent for today – being an immigrant.


How many of us ever stop to think about what it really must be like to land in a strange country, knowing no-one and not having the language to communicate?  Mercy sister Katrina of Doras Luimni, has personal experience of what that is like, as she discovered when she first went on a mission abroad and she now puts that experience to use when she meets immigrants here – as she told Eileen Good, when they met in the Doras Luimni Centre.

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