What Lies Beyond? Part 1

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Brian Grogan SJ has long been intrigued by the question of life after death. Author of the  book, Where to from Here” The Christian Vision of the Afterlife, he explores this topic in depth. He explains that it started as academic research, but then became more pressing as he himself started to get older.

He is a well known academic and former President of the Milltown Institute of Philosophy and Theology in Dublin, but his approach is, “ wise without being preachy, scholarly without being overly academic and hopeful without being naive- and he covers almost any question that a person might have about ‘life after death’.” (James Martin SJ, editor of America magazine)

Pat Coyle explores the topic with him and asks whether we can really believe in a life after death when a body laid out in a coffin seems to final. Brian began by explaining his interest in death and the afterlife and his belief that in the end, there will be a creative life and joy for everyone.

Where to from Here? The Christian Vision of the Afterlife is published by Veritas and costs €14.99


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