Kay Holmes – Irish Suffragette

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One hundred years on since women got the vote in Ireland, we remember Kathleen, more commonly known as Kay Emerson, one of Ireland’s leading Suffragettes. Born Kay Holmes, she started out early on her quest for liberty. Her grandnephew Colm Holmes from We are Church,¬†married to feminist and spiritual director Soline Humbert,¬†talks about how Kay risked life and limb to bring liberty to women in Ireland.

Not afraid to cause disruption, she was incarcerated in Hollaway prison, renowned for its harsh treatment, after being involved in smashing windows in London. She was also outspoken and regularly involved in public debates and heckling politicians of the day – something that led to her being attacked and narrowly avoiding death.

Also an author and a poet, she wrote books, songs and poems about her life revolutionary life as well as literary topics. Colm explains to Miriam Gormally how her life continues to inspire him and Soline in their work for equal rights for LGBT people within the Church as well as the ordination of women.

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  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    Enlightening interview. Go, Colm!!