Advent with Liam Lawton

Posted on 23. Nov, 2017, in Christian Values, Community, Music1 Comment

Liam Lawton is a well-known and well-loved Irish singer/song writer. Following his ordination in 1984, Fr. Liam served in Carlow Cathedral Parish and Knockbeg College before the late Bishop Ryan gave him the opportunity to pursue his music ministry full-time; a ministry that he continues to this day -bringing much joy and solace to people with his music and lyrics.

Here he talks with Pat Coyle about this year’s Advent tour and how music can speak directly to the heart and often reach us in a way that words alone cannot. He looks at how music can evoke memory and help people transcend their everyday life and offer consolation during times of suffering. But first off he tells Pat about his Advent tour and how music can be used at this time of year as a form of prayer and preparation.

One response to “Advent with Liam Lawton”

  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    I was delighted to listen to this interview with Liam. I have been an admirer of his music since college days in Maynooth, though I didn’t get to meet him personally – yet! To hear his account to what music can do is wonderful. The exploration of this was furthered very well by Pat’s questions of exploration. Many thanks!