African Chaplaincy To Ireland

Posted on 11. Apr, 2014, in Chaplaincy, Missionary, Prayer, Working Abroad1 Comment

Conor Deane went to speak with Fr. Cornelius a Vincentian priest who lives in Castleknock who is here to minister to the wider African Catholic communities that reside in Dublin.

African Mass Chaplaincy

His Grace Archbishop Diarmuid Martin celebrates Mothers Day with the African Community in St. Finian’s Church, Swords.

Fr. Cornelius is like so many Africans now living in Ireland in the way that they seek to contribute to the richness of Irish culture, daily life and wider society in where they work, live and gather together to pray and socialise.
What is most striking about many if not most of the Africans now living in Ireland is their deep intellect and even deeper faith which seems to define them as a great people but with so much to give to Ireland and Irish people and with so much willingness and generosity. Now many of their children born here, only see Africa as the distant land from where their own parents were born but that they are indeed Irish.
The challenge that lies with ensuring these youngsters manage to keep their own sense of ownership over their own faith is one of many that face the chaplaincy. But also there is clearly a deep sense of community within this group and is and should be the envy of many an Irish congregation for their deep faith and desire to look after one another as brothers and sisters in Christ.


One response to “African Chaplaincy To Ireland”

  1. Odemena Kyrian Nwamara says:

    Wow! This is wonderful.
    The sense of community is indeed exciting.
    I think Rev. Fr. Cornelius Kelechi Nwogwugwu (the African chaplaincy in Ireland) is doing a marvelous work in rekindling that fire of Catholicism necessary for redirecting faithfuls who obviously would have been far adrift from the shepherd’s fold away.
    There is pride in bringing them in to Jesus.
    Keep on Father, Keep on.