Caring for our Environment

Posted on 18. Jun, 2015, in Christian Values, Climate Change, EcoCongregations, Ecology, Economy, Faith and Justice, Gospel Values, NatureComments Off on Caring for our Environment


Pope Francis’ latest Encyclical focuses heavily on climate change and asks us all to protect our “common home”. This emphasis on ecology comes as no surprise to Jacqueline Kelleher who works in the Heritage Walled Garden in the Avila Centre in Dublin. The project was developed in order to create a community in the urban centre of Dublin. She believes that ecology and caring for the environment is at the heart of the who we are as Christians. Each day she sees “miracles” in her garden both in what they grow and in how the garden allows people to gather and share. Miriam Gormally met her in the garden and began by asking her first inspired her to get started.

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