Ceremonies that Connect

Posted on 04. Jun, 2020, in Christian Values, Community, Liturgy2 Comments

Patricia Higgins is a OneSpirit Interfaith Minister and offers ceremonies to those who are looking for a way to express their spirituality in an open and inclusive way.

She worked for many year with SlĂ­ Eile and other Church organisation before realising that she wanted the freedom to fulfil her calling as a minister. She remains connected to the Catholic Church and hopes that they will one day also see the gifts that women have to offer.

Her passion is for creating ceremonies that are authentic and meaningful and fit with where people are at and allow people to express and connect with their deep beliefs as she explained to Miriam Gormally.

To find our more or to book a ceremony go to https://www.patriciahiggins.ie.

2 responses to “Ceremonies that Connect”

  1. Soline Humbert says:

    Great to see women like Patricia having the courage and commitment to heeding the call of the Spirit in their lives and using their gifts to minister.”Move towards the light and you’ll see over the walls”
    Patricia,may you continue to blossom like your beloved gorse!

  2. Ana Bermingham-Doran says:

    Well done Patricia! Congratulations! Well done! Delighted that you are taking this step!
    The most effective way to bring change is to be the change you quote! We need that change!
    I am watching this space!
    The Spirit is with you!
    Ana xxxx