Changing the Catholic Church

Posted on 06. Apr, 2017, in Christian Values, Church Teachings, CommunityNo Comments

Bishop Willie Walsh recently gave a talk in Dublin on renewal within the Church and how it could be reinvigorated with the true sense of Christ. He looked at some of the possible ways in which Christians could live with a true sense of being Christ to others, or as Pope Francis says, “It is necessary to encourage people to walk in others shoes. Similar to not being judgemental, this concept of ‘living our lives in other people’s shoes’ really is a useful reflection that could radically change how we see ourselves and others in this world and in our Church.”

Miriam Gormally met Bishop Willie Walsh at the talk and began by asking him whether there is a possibility to rekindle enthusiasm for the Church and the Christian message after the years of revelations that led many people to walk away. They also looked at the Easter message of death and resurrection and whether the Church could continue to learn from that and bring forth a new and renewed Christian message.

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