Christian Meditation

Posted on 07. Mar, 2013, in Church Teachings2 Comments

Earlier we looked at the importance of meditation during the season of Lent. In this second piece on meditation, Fr. Eugene McCaffrey  explores the practicalities of  meditation and how it can bring people back to a spiritual path.

2 responses to “Christian Meditation”

  1. Michael McCullagh says:

    In this interview Miriam Gormally evokes from Fr.Eugene the idea that christian meditation can be a way back, a doorway into the practice of religious worship.

    The idea of the Great St.Teresa that prayer is recollection, a way of being present to God in hushed and attentive silence is indeed an attractive thought, if just even for today.

  2. Suzanne Ryder says:

    As I listen to Father Eugene, my heart is raised. I too find meditation as a source of being centred in the knowledge that I am loved beyond measure. May we enjoy and share the great secret!