Dancing to my Death

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Dancing to my Death is the title of Daniel O’Leary’s final masterpiece. In it he reveals his dark night of the soul upon hearing his diagnosis of terminal cancer. A well-known priest and teacher, his retreats were always in demand and inspired many people deeply.

During his final illness, Daniel examines his faith through a new lens, questioning his trust in God as well as the advice he had given out to others over the years. In the book, he chronicles the rollercoaster of raw emotions as he comes to discover what is really important to him as well as learning a new level of trust and acceptance.

Miriam Gormally talks with his close friend Margaret Siberry, who was by his side during his final days, and even helped complete his book after Fr Daniel passed away. Margaret explains more about Daniel’s diagnosis and his journey to come to terms with it.

Dancing to my Death is available from Columba press as well as all good book stores and can also be ordered from Amazon.

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