Depression – a Christian Perspective

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Depression is ‘the common cold’ of our psychology. The illness effects approximately one in every five people. According to the Vatican, it is the biggest disease in the world.

In this piece from the archives, Fodhla McGrane, from Kells, Co. Meath, is an Oblate of St Benedict. She leads retreats on “Depression from a Christian Perspective”. Miriam Gormally met with Fodhla in the Carmelite centre in Avila where she is working as a guide on a week of guided prayer. Fodhla herself has suffered from depression something which she feels gives her an insight into the disease as well as an increased compassion for herself and others. But first she began talking about the universality of the condition and that is is ultimately part of the human condition.

She also mentioned that for more resources to look on youtube to look at two videos I had a black dog and living with a black dog.

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  1. Dear Fodhla,

    We would be grateful if you would contact us here in Croi Nua in Galway with a view of the possiblity of giving a talk here in our centre.

    Charles J. Sweeney MSC (091) 520960