Dr Paul O’Callaghan QUB Pt4 (final)

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In this 4th and final part of our mini series with Dr Paul O’Callaghan of Queens University Belfast, Conor Deane talks to Dr. O’Callaghan about his time in Uganda working with Child Soldiers.



Strong Advisory!This is a harrowing story about children who have been through some of the worst atrocities. It does not make for easy listening.


Dr O’Callaghan’s Background:
Prior to enrolling at Queen’s University in 2009, Dr. O’Callaghan taught English as an additional language in Argentina, ran a literacy and numeracy programme for young offenders and street children in Tanzania and set up a running club and journalism club in one of Kenya’s largest slums.

In 2012, he graduated with a Doctorate in Educational, Child and Adolescent Psychology in Queens. In the course of his studies he delivered five psychosocial and mental health interventions for war-affected children in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. His doctoral thesis on using Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with war-affected and sexually exploited girls was published in the world’s top-ranked paediatric and child and adolescent mental health journal: The Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Paul currently works as an Educational Psychologist in Dungannon, Co Tyrone.

In 2013, Dr. O’Callaghan joined the School of Psychology as an honorary research fellow. His research interests include literacy difficulties, attachment and behavioural problems in school and the impact of trauma on children’s learning in school. He is also interested in conducting participatory research and designing and evaluating interventions with war-affected children, children who live or work on the streets, children associated with armed groups, children exploited as labourers or in the sex industry and children accused of witchcraft.

See more here: http://www.qub.ac.uk/schools/psy/Staff/HonoraryStaff/OCallaghan/

One response to “Dr Paul O’Callaghan QUB Pt4 (final)”

  1. Michael McCullagh says:

    Paul concludes this interview with the word “hope” – it is wonderful to hear that the children with whom he has worked have received hope for a new and alternative life-style.
    It is another example of reverse mission. He has brought home the hope experienced in Uganda to Ireland and now others affected by trauma, challenge and disadvantage can also be given new hope and possibilities for living.
    Thanks Conor and Paul for the series.

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