Part 3 Dying in Despair

Posted on 19. Jul, 2018, in Christian Values, Community, Death, Sexuality, VocationComments Off on Part 3 Dying in Despair

In this final piece with Fr Bernard Lynch, he talks about being at the side of gay men and administering to their spiritual needs as they were dying with AIDS. He said many of them died in despair, in particular any priest who was gay. The Vatican’s only response, he says, was to blame gay men for the own death, something which he says they would never dream of saying to someone dying from lung or liver cancer.

As he sat by the side of hundreds of men as they died, he said many of them looked to their church for some answers to their suffering, but received only a reminder of their “sinfulness” and “intrinsic disorder”. He feels now that the Church should apologise for their lack of charity and at least give their families some sense of peace. He explains more to Miriam Gormally.

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