Family Trees

Posted on 28. Jun, 2018, in Christian Values, Community, Ecology, Faith and Justice, Gospel Values, Young people1 Comment

As we approach the world meeting of Families, Dympna Mallon SMA Laity Coordinator talks about their Family Tree project. Going beyond the tradition interpretation of family, her project aims to connect us all as family, including our environment. She says the Society of African Missions have long been aware of the devastating impacts of climate change and how it is disproportionately effecting those in African countries.

She says that we need to join the dots between our care and concern for the environment and our actions in terms of the harmful impact they can have. Miriam Gormally asked her about the meat and dairy business in Ireland, one of Ireland’s biggest contribution to our carbon footprint, ¬†and she said that Ireland needs to change how it does farming and even how it thinks about the environment. She said we need to be more like a tree in terms of being an overall contributor to the environment.

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