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In this piece with Fodhla McGrane from 2015, we look back on the topic of forgiveness. Forgiveness is one of the most challenging, but equally liberating thing that we can do. Our instinct is to harden our hearts, but ‘Forgive’ is a command given regularly by Jesus making it central to any Christian religion.

Forgiveness is one of the subjects that Fodhla McGrane tackles in her retreats. She is from Co Meath and is an Oblate of St Benedict with Douai Abbey, England. She has been leading retreats since 2006 with her work mainly based in the British Isles. She has a MA in Christian Theology, a PhD in Communication, and a PGCE in Adult Education

Her workshop is designed to give people the opportunity to learn about and develop their understanding of forgiveness. It aims to break down barriers,  share experiences and by the grace of God, put forgiveness into practice. Something which Fodla says is almost impossible at the start, but eventually becomes instinct. Citing examples from a recent retreat where three of the people on it had had family members murdered, she talks about how forgiveness goes beyond ourselves and is really about clearing our connection with the Divine.

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  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    I found this a very enlightening interview. Forgiveness can be so far away from my heart but when the gift is given, it is wonderful indeed. Those cases to which Fodla referred where people went through the murder of members of their families must be one of the most difficult things to forgive. However, it was clear from the interview that forgiveness of the other is actually a freeing of myself. Thanks to both of you!