God You’re Breaking my Heart

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Brian Grogan

God You’re Breaking my Heart: What is God’s response to suffering and evil? is a new book by prolific Jesuit author, Brian Grogan SJ. He is the author of the classic bestseller, Finding God in All Things and many other titles on Ignatian spirituality.

In this book Fr. Grogan explores the mastery of evil. Each of us has our own story in which suffering and evil become personal; each of us endures in our own way.

Fr Grogan chose the title God you’re breaking my heart as he has heard it as the spontaneous cry of many an anguished heart. But it also hints at what is going on deeper down.

Pat Coyle spoke to Fr Grogan about this paradoxical nature of evil and the difficulty in trying to be good when the world and nature itself seems designed to be competitive and at times a brutal struggle for survival. Pat began by ask Fr. Grogan how we can make sense of the role of evil in the world or explain why a loving God would have created such a universe.

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