Ireland’s Emissions – off the charts!

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Last week Ireland’s citizen’s assembly met to look at how Ireland can become a leader in tackling climate change. However Niamh Garvey, Trócaire’s Head of Policy and Advocacy said that Ireland’s emission are “off the charts” and are contributing to hunger and a loss of water in some of the poorest countries in the world.

In a report called ‘Still Feeling the Heat’, Trócaire looked at the impact of climate change in five countries around the world. Niamh Garvey, said: “The report brings home the reality of the impacts of climate change on people’s lives today. From worsening droughts in east Africa, which result in hunger for millions of people, to the increased severity of storms in Central America, the poorest people in the world continue to pay the highest price for political failure to tackle climate change.

She added that, “As recent weeks have shown, Ireland is not immune from floods and storms that will become more frequent and more intense due to the changing climate.”

Also according to the report, one Irish person emits 74 times more carbon dioxide per year than one Ethiopian or Malawian.

Niamh pointed out that,

“The majority of the actions that need to be taken are already known. What is needed now is the political will to prioritise their implementation.”

Miriam Gormally phoned Niamh during a conference on solutions for climate change.

One response to “Ireland’s Emissions – off the charts!”

  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    Many thanks for this vital information. I must confess, I am one of those who feel depressed around this subject, so I was glad of your question, Miriam. Let us hope, pray and act!