Living in Limbo

Posted on 18. Sep, 2014, in Christian Values, Community, Gospel Values1 Comment

Increased media attention has been drawn to the lives of those living under the Direct Provision system in Ireland. On Wednesday September 17th, Ronan Mullin put a motion before the Seanad calling for changes in the operation of the Direct Provision system.

“In big ways and little ways, human dignity is disregarded,” he said adding the people are sharing rooms “in a way that hasn’t been seen in Ireland since the 19th century.”

Senator Mullen’s motion calls on the Government to establish female-only and family-only reception centres, grant the right to seek employment and give leave to people in the system for four years already to remain in the State. 

Miriam Gormally met him in Leinster House, shortly before he put the motion before the Seanad to find out more.

One response to “Living in Limbo”

  1. Michael McCullagh says:

    It is great to get a christian response to what would appear to be a great public injustice in the Direct Provision system in Ireland with children not being cherished equally in being able to realize their talents or, as happens only in Lithuania, adults not being allowed to take employment for financial gain. Thanks again to Miriam and to Soul Waves in sourcing this interview with Senator Ronan Mullin as he puts a motion before the Seanad to bring changes in the Direct Provision system as it operates at present.