Moral Bankruptcy

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Fergus Finlay, Chief Executive, Barnardos. photo credit: mark mccall

The scale of the moral bankruptcy evident among the cabal that ran the Central Remedial Clinic is being realised following the report of the Interim Administrator for the CRC.  The terms “cabal” and “moral bankruptcy” are among those used by Fergus Finlay in his column for the Irish Examiner last Tuesday June 24th.  Finlay, CEO of Barnardo’s the children’s charity and Chief Advisor of the Labour Party in three governments, has read the entire report on the CRC.  In it he saw the powerful force of personal greed and how it can subvert the needs for whom an organisation exists to serve.  In the wider sense too Finlay links what happened in the Central Remedial Clinic to a shift for the worse in the values of many in Irish society.  He spoke to Paul Loughlin.

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