News from the Synod

Posted on 08. Oct, 2015, in Celibacy/Sexuality, Church Teachings, Faith and Justice, Gospel Values, Humane VitaeComments Off on News from the Synod

cathal barry

The first full day of the Ordinary Synod of Bishops on the Family, Monday October 5, was dominated by the introductory address of the synod’s general relator, Cardinal Peter Erdö of Esztergom-Budapest. In his speech Cardinal Erdö reasserted much of the Church’s teaching, and cast doubt on the possibility of changes during the Synod. Cathal Barry, of the Irish Catholic who is covering the Synod in Rome, said this left everyone feeling “confused” and wondering “what the outcomes could be”. But later there was reassurance that there would be an openness to a change of emphasis in Church teachings even if the teachings themselves couldn’t be changed. Miriam Gormally phoned Cathal to find out more. First he recounted how he had met Pope Francis himself on Wednesday and his own reaction to that.

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