Passing on the Faith

Posted on 06. Dec, 2018, in Christian Values, Community, Ecology, Faith and Justice, Gospel Values, Young peopleComments Off on Passing on the Faith

Pat Coyle recently went to Rome to be part of the book launch for Sharing The Wisdom of Time, by Pope Francis and Friends. In it, he explored the advice and learning that older people can share with the next generation. Afterwards he did a Question and Answers session on the issues that were of concern to older and younger people.

One of the questions brought up by one of the older members present concerned difficulties around passing on the Faith. He explored how people can dialogue in a helpful way with younger people when they bring up issues pertaining to the Church. In particular he stressed the importance of listening. Miriam Gormally spoke with Pat Coyle, putting it to her that young people often have many good points and a morality of their own, which they often feel is misunderstood by older people.

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