Pope Francis and me: part two

Posted on 04. Apr, 2013, in Church Teachings, Faith and Justice, Uncategorized2 Comments

In this second part of our series, “Pope Francis and me” Fr. Peter McVerry talks about how Pope Francis’ work with the poor could return the Church to its roots as an organisation dedicated to those living on the margins. Fr. McVerry has been a long-time campaigner for the rights of homeless men in Dublin and works with groups who live outside of society. This, he believes, is the core mission of the gospel. He begins by explaining to Miriam Gormally that he was very surprised at the announcement of Francis as Pope.

2 responses to “Pope Francis and me: part two”

  1. michael McCullagh says:

    This is a celebratory interview,in that Fr. Peter McVerry has found a patron in Pope Francis, who in his first weeks as Pope, models in his servant leadership a love for women and men for whom Peter has also a preferential love.

    Peter has hopes also that the Curia might be reformed so that it will support Pope Francis in his aspirations for the Papacy.

    Peter is sensitive to the issue of structural injustice and how Cardinal Bergoglio might have challenged the unjust regime in Argentina. Peter calls it “a most brutal junta” and suggests that the Cardinal had to discern a way of responding which would also prevent the wrath of the junta coming down on the entire catholic population.

    Another fascinating interview from Peter McVerry and Soul Waves Radio. Thank you.

  2. Suzanne Ryder says:

    I enjoyed this interview and agree that a culture can be changed. Already, Pope Francis has touched hearts and this is what can make a difference. Peter McVerry always reminds me of the essentials.