Pioneers in Africa

Posted on 16. Jun, 2016, in Addiction, Alcohol, Christian ValuesComments Off on Pioneers in Africa

Charles Searson

Charles Searson SJ saw first hand the damages of alcohol which led him to become a pioneer and to promote the temperance movement. He now works in Africa where he explains to Pat Coyle that alcohol is fast becoming a problem, in particular for women.

He has been working on curbing the influence of alcohol in Zambia where he works with the Pioneer Association and other NGOs. He explains to Pat Coyle that the drinks industry is very powerful and that they have been preventing implementations that he has drafted in an alcohol management policy for the Zambian government.

He says they will stall them no more and that next year the Pioneer Association in Zambia will host the 5th Pan-African Congress on alcohol abuse. They’ve invited people from all walks of life including health care professionals, counsellors and anyone who has an interested in the issue of problem drinking to bring about change. Anyone interested in his work of this conference you can contact him by email:

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