Remembering Gay Byrne

Posted on 07. Nov, 2019, in Christian Values, CommunityComments Off on Remembering Gay Byrne

The passing of Gay Byrne, one of Ireland’s most recognisable personalities and the man¬†affectionately known as ‘Uncle Gaybo’ was ¬†a blow to the whole nation. It brought back memories of the stories he covered that shaped Ireland and made it the country it is today.

He was most famous for The Late, Late Show, but also created quite a stir with the The Meaning of Life, a show he took on after he had retired. Miriam Gormally met with Roger Childs, Head of Religious programmes at RTE about working with Gay Byrne and dealing with some of the deeper questions around life’s purpose. Roger explained that Gay was able to take a more reflective approach to interviews and focus directly on the person, without having to worry about making his mark.

Roger began by explaining what it was like to come in as an outsider and inherit this cultural icon.

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