Reviewing the Congress

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The Eucharistic Congress, which took place June 10—17, was a huge event that attracted over 100,000 people. Miriam Gormally met John Waters at the end of the week of the Congress to ask him how it went, how it was covered in the media and what kind of impact this Congress with have on Church and Faith in the future.

One response to “Reviewing the Congress”

  1. loughlp says:

    Non-readers of The Irish Times will be interested to hear Waters’ take on the Eucharistic Congress and his articulation of the relationship of the ordinary Catholic to the event. His criticisms of the media were fairly predictable and it was interesting to hear him focus especially on coverage in The Irish Times which, provides him with a significant space to air his views and, I presume, pays him. It was good to hear a one-on-one interview with a person of faith on the Congress. I suspect most discussion coverage consisted of pro-and-anti comments. Next time Dawkins is in town maybe try for a two-hander. Paul