Shining a light on Animals

Posted on 14. Nov, 2019, in Christian Values, Church of Ireland, Community, SaintsComments Off on Shining a light on Animals

Following successful solo exhibitions across Europe, Eve Parnell returns to Germany, with “Sunbeam” a collection offering a series of beautiful, poignant drawings, focusing on animals. Using the great tradition of Fine Art, she gently addresses issues which are having a detrimental impact on our society today.

Many of the pictures have an uncanny sense to them, whereby the subject matter seems like traditional portraits of animals, but the positions they find themselves in calls us to question what is really going on. With captions like, “For how much longer?” she addresses our relationship with other being on this earth.

Drawing inspiration and quotes from spiritual leaders like St. Francis, she also argues that care of animals is a Christian prerogative.

The exhibition was opened on Nov 2 by Martin Buschmann, MEP with the Tierschutzpartei, The Party for Human, Environment and Animal Protection and will continue until Dec 1.

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