Suport for Minister Madigan

Posted on 28. Jun, 2018, in Christian Values, Church Teachings, Feminism/Women in the Church, Gospel Values2 Comments

Minister Josepha Madigan stepped up to¬†assist a church service in Mount Merrion last Saturday, 23rd of June, when a priest failed to show up. Afterwards she said the Church should ordain women and allow priests to marry. Her actions caused a great stir amongst some including Archbishop Diarmuid Martin who said it was “deeply disrespectful” to her parishioners.

Soline Humbert who has in the past talked about her own vocation pointed out that in many parishes outside of Dublin or Ireland, it is quite common for a member of the laity to assist a church service in the absence of a priest and that it wouldn’t be consider remarkable at all. She also echoes Minister Madigan’s belief that the church does need to ordain women and says that while it might be a “nightmare” for some in the church, it is one that won’t go away. She explained more to Miriam Gormally.

2 responses to “Suport for Minister Madigan”

  1. Suzanne Ryder says:

    I am glad to hear Soline comment on this issue, which has catapulted into new territory. Soline is kind to Diarmuid Martin in saying he is under pressure but then tells more of this untenable situation with regard to the real thinking of clergy. Her reference to the truth that it was Mary who truly could say “this is my body” is so obvious that it needs to be admitted at last in the Church. Thank you, Soline, and I am watching this space in hope. May the door be opened!

  2. Soline Humbert says:

    Thank you Suzanne.
    Yes,may the door be opened wide!
    Blessings of joyful hope,